Brad Hand



"I believe that young children are the strength of our future.  How and what they are taught at an early age will shape them for the rest of their lives. Our passion for and love of children is what motivates us to work with them and watch them grow and develop into individuals that are independent, responsible, social and caring adults. Everything we do is done to help them become successful as leaders in a society that is looking for answers."  

Sarina Arens


Assistant Director

"Quality care during a child's first five years of life are vital. We strive to provide the best care and learning experiences possible. We do not just promote quality early childhood in our program, we promote quality early childhood within our local community. Positive interactions and a rich learning environment early on can set a child on a positive path for life." 

Kim Anema


Administrative Assistant

"Early childhood education gives children a head start to success in their school-aged years. Being a part of those first years of education for a child is a very rewarding position to hold. Positive interactions can give children the security they need to succeed in their education. I enjoy being a positive part of each child's day." 

Infant - toddler teachers

Lauren Brown

Infant - Toddler Lead Teacher

Room 15


Jevene Barton


Infant - Toddler Lead Teacher

Room 16

"I count myself lucky to be with these children every day. I call my students 'my kids' because in the 2 years that we are together they are not just on my class list; they become part of my heart. At this stage, they are like little sponges, and I love being a part of their learning. I have a love for art and creativity, so I love to bring that into my learning experiences. We can get pretty messy in room 16 and we love every minute! In my classroom I focus on each child’s development. Our learning is based around play, the curriculum and children’s needs and interests. We make sure they are ready for their next journey in their education. My biggest influence is my amazing son. He has encouraged my passion for teaching. He has shown me that there is no mold for a child. Each child creates their own mold for themselves to learn and explore. We are creating an environment to make their learning fun, adventurous and of course messy!"  

Lisa McDougle


Infant - Toddler Lead Teacher

Room 21

"As a working mother, I fully understand how it feels to send my child off to school and put my trust in the people that will be teaching and caring for her. With this in mind, every time a child enters my classroom, I continually work to build their trust, and the trust of their parents. For me, the key to having a successful classroom takes love, patience, and understanding. I believe in the importance of early childhood education and the importance of my role as a teacher. My passion and love for my job is renewed everyday by discovering how much these children are capable of learning at such a young age. I truly love my job. I cannot imagine any other job more rewarding than this one."  

Vicki Apat


Infant - Toddler Lead Teacher

Room 22

"I believe the purpose of education is to give children the tools they need to be successful in life. These tools include guidance, belief in ability and encouragement. All the activities and experiences in my classroom include certain basics that contribute to children's social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Communicating with children allows them to understand the consequences when things go wrong and when things go right. A good learning environment is where children feel well cared for and where they can express themselves. A hug goes a long way to making a child feel safe and secure." 

Two's Teachers

Tara Manges


Two's Lead Teacher

Room 18

"I believe children learn best in a positive and open environment. In my classroom we focus on independence, friendships, and exploration. When the classroom and teachers are open to new things and give children the ability to be independent, children grow exponentially. Helping children learn skills that they will use forever is very special to me." 

Amanda Houshoulder


Two's Lead Teacher

Room 23

"I believe children are highly capable individuals. It is amazing to watch them grow and learn each day. If they are given appropriate opportunities they will thrive. In my classroom, I try to encourage the children to be as independent as possible. My assistant and I offer support and guidance as the children accomplish new tasks." 

Preschool Teachers

Dawn Sowles


Preschool Lead Teacher 

Room 19

"I enjoy working with young children and seeing the joy and excitement when they learn something new. I strive to make sure all children in my room feel that they are important and loved. My main goal in my classroom is to make sure all children acquire the skills they will need to go on to kindergarten." 

Alisha Strahm


Preschool Lead Teacher

Room 20

"I believe children learn best when they are somewhere that makes them feel safe and with people they trust. In my classroom, we focus on independence and self-help skills but we also teach compassion and how to be a good friend. My goal is to get all my kids ready for kindergarten and teach them to be patient and kind to one another. Early Childhood is my passion because there is nothing better in life than being able to impact the life of a child." 

School - Age Teachers