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where play meets education

where play meets educationwhere play meets educationwhere play meets education

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Parent Testimonials

"The Learning Community and their staff has been nothing but accommodating and welcoming since I first sent my son to them for daycare. Since attending TLC, my son's vocabulary and overall maturity has improved greatly- so much so, that I'm centering where I'll send him for kindergarten based on where TLC will transport for before/aftercare. I couldn't be a more satisfied parent!" -Kaley C.  

"My son has really thrived in the smaller, more academically-focused environment at TLC. Every staff member knows his name and most of them know mine as well. His teachers and the administrative staff have kept me well-informed about his progress and his challenges. He'll be well-prepared for Kindergarten and beyond. We love TLC!" - Jamie G.  

"Our experiences with The Learning Community have all been great!  My son has learned and grown so much in his short time there.  His speech and physical coordination have improved and he is more confident in his own abilities.  He is happy to go every day and see his friends and his wonderful teachers.  I couldn't be happier with his care." - Sara T. 

"You will be hard-pressed to find a collection of teachers and staff so dedicated to early childhood development. There are places that 'babysit' and then there are places like TLC that encourage children to grow and create and learn from an extremely early age. We are constantly amazed at the new things our child shares with us having learned at daycare, and are completely confident he is in the best possible hands." - Ed S.  

"When we needed childcare for our daughter, we wanted the best for her and know we have found it at The Learning Community. We could not be happier with the care, love, and education that she receives at TLC. The school is very good at involving us with what is happening in the classroom. She loves going and has loved all of her teachers and others involved with her, especially Mr. Brad. With the social and educational skills that she gets in the classroom, we feel she will be better prepared to transition into kindergarten next year." - Crystal & Jeff M.  

"Our kids have thrived at The Learning Community. The teachers and staff are incredibly loving, fun spirited, smart, and committed to the growth and development of all kids at TLC. Teachers really engage with the  parents. Parents also collaborate with the administration to show their appreciation to the teachers.  It is a true community, we love TLC!" - Ellen C.  

"We have been thrilled with the flexibility of the staff at TLC. Our daughter has several issues including a dairy allergy and needs frequent breathing treatments, but we've always felt comfortable that her needs are met during the day. She absolutely loves the environment thanks to the routine schedule and warm, welcoming teachers and administrative staff. She learns so much every day and has thrived in going above and beyond her milestones." - Jordyn & Ben H.  

"The Learning Community is not just a daycare that our children go to while we're at work - it is a part of our family!" - Anonymous   

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